Review: The Bands of Mourning

Series: Mistborn: #6

Series: Mistborn Era 2: #3

Series: The Cosmere

Sanderson has this tendency to completely change the world in ways that you’d never think could possibly work… and yet pull them off. He did it between the first and second Mistborn books and he just did it again.

Worldbuilding-wise, so many things have changed. Yet he hasn’t really broken the rules that he set down in the previous books, just expanded them, exploring areas that we’ve never seen before. We learn about people that live far from the Lord Ruler’s rule. We learn about new and fascinating ways that the Metallic Arts can be used–Feruchemy in particular. And we start to see just how magic and technology can be combined.

On top of that, we get a bit more backstory for Wax and Wayne and a lot more characterization of Steris and Marasi. In earlier books, Steris played more or less as a comedic role at first, but she’s really grown into her own. I’m actually starting to really see how she and Wax fit together, rather than assuming that he will end up with Marasi.

Over all, how things have changed. And how ever will they change next time…

Great book! Quite possibly my favorite of the series.