Review: Cold Days

Series: The Dresden Files: #14

Dresden is remarkably good at weaseling his way out of deals he should never have gotten himself into in the first place. This time around though? His number is up. He has to work for Mab.

Mab first job for her new Knight? Kill Maeve.

All righty then.

Crazy scene: Mab throws Dresden a birthday party. In a huge scale model of his old apartment, made of ice. One thing you can say for the Fae, when they go all in, they really go all in.

Crazy scene: Dresden floats a boat off the bottom of Lake Chicago by freezing a large chunk of ice. He comes out of it coated with frost. He’s got some serious new oomph going on and it’s kind of terrifying.

Crazy scene: Dresden learns about the ‘gate’ part of the Gatekeeper’s job. He learns more about the outsiders than he ever wanted to know. He learns more about Winter’s role in all this (and thus his own). He learns exactly what it means to have claimed Demonreach. He starts to learn about how it’s all related. He starts to learn who the real enemy is… The Dresdenverse is getting bigger.

And then the ending. Well that was intense. We have new Summer and Winter Ladies. The latter of which is Molly...

The next few books are going to be even more interesting.

(I feel like I say that a lot with Dresden…)