Review: Grave Peril

Series: The Dresden Files: #3

First there was a sorcerer. Then werewolves. Next up, ghosts and vampires. The Dresden Files certainly get around.

I already said it last time, but it applies again: Grave Peril is a much better book (in my opinion) than Fool Moon, which in turn is much better than Storm Front. I’m sure this won’t be the same pattern forever, but it’s impressive enough to carry through three books.

Next thought: Michael. Dresden is what many boys / young men want to be. He’s a powerful loner who’s out to save the day (more or less). Slightly older and wiser though (for some definitions there of), I really admire Michael. He has a rock solid faith in God (granted, it’s a different sort of faith when God is quite obviously a force in the world)–even when doubting himself. He will protect those that need protecting and he will do the right thing.

There are a few other very cool scenes in this book: A showdown in a cemetery (it was a dark and stormy night). A vampire-hosted masquerade. A trip through the Fae realm. Dresden’s mind. Dresden really letting loose and blowing things up. I enjoy both the worldbuilding that underlies each of these scenes combined with the descriptions to make them come to life in my head.

Here, we also see the world expanding. There are at least three different kinds of vampires with all of the politics that entails. Dresden has dealings with a powerful Fae. There’s a very cool scene with a dragon (with the oomph to casually smack Dresden across the room). This is part of what makes me keep reading these books. It’s a huge world that somehow manages to avoid (for the most part) feeling ‘kitchen sink’y’ (although I’m still not sure how).

There’s also more of the same when it comes to a surprising number of characters ending up naked or at least mostly so. Less than Fool Moon (I think), but still. Add to that the seductive powers of the White Court…

On the weirder end, this is the first introduction we get to Dresden’s subconscious. I’m not really sure what to think about it. It feels like there’s more to it than just a hallucination, but it’s hard to tell for certain.

Overall, as I said, a great read.