Review: Superior Saturday

Series: The Keys to the Kingdom: #6

I like the visuals around Saturday’s realm. It’s one of the better ones when it comes to motivation and the idea of a gigantic clockwork tower stretching upwards… cool.

On the other hand, we saw even less of Saturday than we did of Friday, which is saying something. I think she and Arthur were in the same scene for maybe a half dozen paragraphs? It’s a bit weird. I assume we’ll see more of her in the next book, but it’s something of a departure.

Back on Earth, things continue to escalate. Did Nix really drop a nuke on the city? Looks like. It’s an interesting move. I’m betting time travel shenanigans will be involved in the finale.

Speaking of the finale, the Will still hasn’t caused nearly as much trouble as I expected. It keeps building up and then… nothing. At least nothing big. Another for Sunday I guess.