Review: Deadspeak

Series: Necroscope: #4

Oh hey, turns out there is another Ferenczy. Or rather, that’s what a lot of this book felt like. Don’t get me wrong, it’s interesting to fill out a few more of the possibilities of what might happen if a vampire spawns a mostly human child who then desperately tries to learn to be a Vampire. But at the same time, it’s starting to feel like the same story again, just with different players.

Another twist this time, which I at first appreciated was that Harry has lost his powers (stolen from him by Harry Jr). So for a large chunk of the story, he cannot speak to the dead except in dreams–which he doesn’t remember upon waking–and cannot access the Moebius Continuum at all. Given how often I’ve complained about how overpowerful the latter made him, I thought it would be good for him to lose the power, but of course I guessed he would at some point get it back. And just in time for the final battle too, making it feel like an echo of the final battle from Necroscope I . So it goes.

Also this one really played up the more sexual aspects of the story. They were already there in the previous books, but relatively minor and sort of out of the way. Not so much in Deadspeak. Several incidents certainly play into the horror aspect of things and for that I applaud them, but it’s starting to get a bit ridiculous.

Overall, it’s still an interesting enough entry to the series and worth reading for completion’s sake. Likewise I’ll read the fifth and final Necroscope for the same reason. Plus I am vaguely curious how Harry ended up with a bit of vampire in his soul after all...