Review: The Source

Series: Necroscope: #3

The Source follows a nuclear accident that manages to blow a hole in between our reality and the homeworld (more accurately home universe, since Harry cannot Moebius his way there) of the Vampires.

It’s interesting watching this series progress from espionage mixed with urban fantasy and horror in the first book to a more historical urban fantasy (if that makes sense) to this one which veers a bit more into almost science fiction. We have a parallel universe, a tidally locked planet, and some really weird vampire biology. The world building around vampires continues to be the strongest part of this series (which is amusing, given that I find the Moebius Continuum and the various ESP powers to be among the weakest).

I’m still not particularly a fan of Harry Keogh, but for most of the book he has a relatively minor role and I like a lot of the new characters in this book. Overall, I liked to see the extra worldbuilding, but the story was a bit weaker. Given the conclusion, I can guess where the next book is going to go (Harry Sr vs Harry Jr) . We’ll give it a chance.