Review: Vamphyri!

Series: Necroscope: #2

So that’s how the series will continue.

Basically, we get a bit more of Harry who is now sharing bodies with his infant son (it’s about that weird) and communicating with the now dead main characters from the first book.

The world building continues to be one of the stronger parts of these books. This time around, we have a fair chunk of the book from the view point of two of the old vampires (Thibor and Faethor Ferenczy), including a look at how they were turned and what they did over their centuries of life. It’s an interesting take of vampires, and I continue to want to want to know more about that.

On the other hand, Harry’s plotline and the moebius continuum remain weird. I think Lumley wrote himself into a bit of a whole introducing all of that at the end of the first book. Teleportation and time travel, essentially for free? Too powerful. Sanderson’s Second Law: Limitations > Powers. It doesn’t ruin the book by any means, but I think they could be stronger without.

The other present timeline follows Yulian Bodescu, another of Thibor's offspring (I thought vampires could only have one true offspring in this universe? I guess Yulian is something new) . It’s certainly an interesting story, if rather dark and probably could have carried the novel by itself. It didn’t mesh particularly well with the flashbacks to the Ferenczys history though. They just didn’t overly relate.

On the whole, an interesting read. Enough to keep me going on the series.