Review: The Autumn Republic

Series: Powder Mage: #3

A solid conclusion. Basically, The Autumn Republic builds on the world of the first two books, without really needing to introduce much in the way of new characters (with a few relatively minor exceptions) or new world building, instead taking everything to a final conclusion.

So far as the characters go, I really found myself rooting for the good guys and hoping they would save the day, even when they did some not entirely unobjectionable things. In particular, I’m glad that Adamat’s story at least didn’t get any worse and that he managed to survive (spoilers) all the crap that the Marked and Privileged put him through.

So far as the world building goes, I still think that there were too many different magic systems floating around (especially when you take into account various power levels), but I think we finally got a bit more insight into some of the inner workings at least of the powder mages and Privileged which was nice. I’m vaguely annoyed that we didn’t get any more about Ka-Poel or Nila, given that this is the last in the series. So it goes.

Overall, worth the read. McClellan goes on my list of authors to watch.