Review: The Throne of Fire

Series: Kane Chronicles: #2

I don’t really have particularly much to add for Throne of Fire that I didn’t already say for The Red Pyramid.

Basically, more of the same. The Kanes have five days to save the world (it’s impressive how even something like that can start to get old after a dozen novels…). They proceed to do so.

One particularly weird part this time: Sadie takes the time in the second day of the novel to go to Londor for her birthday. The fate of the world hangs in the balance… And you can teleport around the world. You can go to London later.

Another slight downside is that this very much feels like the middle book of a trilogy (which of course it is). It works more to set up the third and final book rather than being able to stand by itself. That doesn’t necessarily make it bad, but it’s not great when it’s that obvious.

On the up side, the cast of characters has expanded a bit with a few new trainee godlings brought into the fold, apparently from that audio recording from the first novel.

Still, it was an entertaining enough read and kept me going enough that I still want to finish the trilogy.