Review: Ruins

Series: Partials Sequence: #3

A solid ending to a solid series.

I think Ruins actually managed to pull things together in a way without feeling (too) rushed that none of the other YA series recently have managed to pull off. The previous plotlines (Kira’s conflicted nature, the rest of the Trust, the cure(s)) all come to a head in a way that’s still driving enough to finish the series but don’t feel like the author was just phoning it in.

There were a few things that I felt were just glanced over.

Kira manages to succeed where a decade of scientists (including those who caused the problem in the first place) have failed. That seems strange. But it’s at least lamp shaded in that they were too blind to see a solution.

The two new Trust members come out of nowhere and never really make much sense. Plus, they’re just sort of resolved. THey’re interesting, but I feel like they could have done more.

The love triangle just vanishes. Perhaps more real world accurate and I cannot believe I’m saying this: but it was weird.

All together though, a solid read and a solid series. If Divergent / The Hunger Games left you wanting more, this is it. If you haven’t read either, read these instead.