Review: Deepsix

Series: The Academy: #2

I greatly enjoyed Deepsix.

Similar to the Engines of God a large chunk of the book is spent on the technology / archaeological aspects and how they interact with the story, but in this case there’s also a strong thriller aspect. Things just keep going wrong (although, given that it’s a novel, you can almost guess how each thing is going to go) over and over up until the climax.

The last section in particular was intense; I read the entire thing in one sitting–a literal page turner.

I liked the main characters well enough, at least as they were written. This time around, I could actually start to tell them apart, which is an upside. There are at least two who are curiously misogynistic for no reason that I could tell…

On a downside, we really didn’t learn anything more about the Omega Waves from the previous book. And now we have some mysterious aliens who were about with advanced technology on a few thousand years ago… Perhaps we’ll run into them in one of the sequels? One can hope.