Review: The Rhesus Chart

Series: Laundry Files: #5

Vampires don’t exist.

Or at least that’s what everyone in the Laundry believes. Turns out… there’s a good reason for that.

From the perspective of someone in software development, the maddening extent at which the Scrum operates is amusing and all too close to home. After twisting first computer science and spy stuff into this world, it was neat to see the new topic.

My one real complaint with this book is that I think it’s out of order. It’s significantly smaller in scope than the previous two books where I was hoping for even more escalation towards CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN, rather than something somewhat more down to home. Although on the other hand, a few of the events in this book need the previous books to make sense. Still it’s weird.

Now, sadly, I’ve finished the Bob focused Laundry Files novels released to date. So it goes. I look forward to the next.