Review: The Fuller Memorandum

Series: Laundry Files: #3

(Take 2, the internet ate my first review)

This is another solid entry in the Laundry Files and perhaps my favorite yet. We’re really starting to get into some of the more horrific corners of the world. In particular, we learn a bit more about Mo’s violin; we get another glimpse into a far flung world (the Sleeper in the Pyramid, guarded by a wall of the dead on spikes; great/terrible visual; especially when one imagines RAF patrols keeping an eye on eit) ; and more about Angleton than I bet Bob ever wanted to know (and I really is explored more in the next books).

On the down side, Bob and Mo continue to have to do some fairly terrible things. There’s some fallout from that in this book, but I feel like they just sort of skate by it without really dealing with what’s going on. That’s either going to come up in a later book or it’s going to continue to get weirder when it doesn’t.

The writing still pulls you along kicking and screaming. From the halfway point on, and in particular the ending, I couldn’t put it down. There are more odd first/third person switches (Bob speaks in first person, everyone else is third person) and in particular a few chapters where I assume the intention is to hide exactly who is speaking. All together, it requires a bit more mental bandwidth to read than the previous two, but it’s still worth it.

Looking forward, there are still two novels with Bob as the main character. There are a few things that I really want to see. Fingers crossed.