Review: Edge of Tomorrow (DVD)

Disclaimer time: I have a full time job now. And a baby at home. Some combination of these things means that I have nowhere near as much time to go see movies as I once did. So it goes.

But rather than let this particular part of my blog go to waste, I think that I’ll go ahead and keep writing up movies. Just instead of movies in theaters, I’ll aim for new releases on DVD / VOD.


Edge of Tomorrow.

Edge of Tomorrow (aka Live Die Repeat1) is a surprisingly solid movie. Looking back, I would say that it’s probably Tom Cruise’s best film in more than a decade–heck, I might even put it above Minority Report, in which case I’d actually call it his best film ever.

The aliens are downright alien–and pretty cool looking–the effects are well done, and the Groundhog Day applied to war2 concent works out really well. But what really carried the movie were Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Lovely performances.

If you’re looking for a solid sci-fi action flick with a touch of what-if inducing thought behind the scenes, you could do far worse than Edge of Tomorrow. I really wish that I’d gotten a chance to see it in theaters. It seems like exactly the sort of movie that would benefit from the big screen treatment.

  1. Who thought a name change for the DVD release would be a good idea? ↩︎

  2. Spoilers! ↩︎