Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Series: Spider-Man: #5

Series: The Amazing Spider-Man: #2

I think that–for once–I was the perfect audience for this movie. Just geeky enough that I enjoy a good Spider-Man movie, but not so geeky that whatever changes they made from the comics are going to jump out / particularly bother me.

Just like the first one, I like Andrew Garfield Spider-Man far more than Tobey Maguire. He just nails the sarcastic teen suddenly thrust into power.

One definite plus that this film had over its predecessor is the villain. Lizard is just strange and his ’evil plan’ never made particularly much sense. Electro on the other hand? At first, seeing the trailers, I was skeptical. A dubstep powered villain? In Saints Row perhaps, but in Spider-Man? But actually, it works. Jamie Foxx really sells the role and the fight scenes are just flat out pretty. They could have done a bit better with the whole ‘Gwen Stacy just happens to know how the power grid works’ bit, but so it goes.

Speaking of Gwen Stacy… spoilers. Well, I knew enough about the comics to know what was coming (and it’s interesting that they didn’t change it). But even knowing what was coming, it was still a powerful moment. It will be interesting to see what they do with it in the sequels…

Speaking of which, I’m actually rooting for them now. I just hope they can hold it together and not go the route the previous trilogy went with too many villains… What’s that? The Sinister Six1? All righty then.

So… I liked it. More than Divergent, but nowhere near as much as either the Lego Movie or Captain America. That’s the problem with watching only movies that you’re expecting to like–you like all of them. I think that’s a problem I can live.

  1. Wait, does that mean Doctor Octopus and Sandman (Marvel Comics) will be back? ↩︎