Review: Frozen

Series: Disney Animated: #53


That was not at all what the trailers hinted at.

Seriously, check it out:


It looks like a dumb comedy, starring the snowman and the reindeer. It could have been cute (Ice Age’esque, for example), but certainly not what we got.

Instead, we get a fairly solid return to the form of the Disney ‘princess movie’, a call back to the style we haven’t seen in a decade or more. The songs were great (Well, mostly. It’s not quite a Lion King or Mulan.), the humor was funny, and the plot was … well, it’s a kid’s movie.

I think the best part though, is finally admitting that it doesn’t take a prince to save the day. Heck, sometimes it doesn’t even take the instant sort of ’true love’ you see so often in fairy tales. I won’t go any more into it, but I really like how they dealt with that particular aspect. Plot holes galore in why it was necessary in the first place2, but still. It’s a nice change of pace.

Honestly. I loved it. If that puts two kids movies in the top five, so be it. I’ll definitely be watching it again the next time I go on a Disney kick.

  1. Yeah, that’s a teaser. The actual trailer is at least a bit better. ↩︎

  2. There are all sorts of amusing rumors floating about on how many Disney parents might have died on that one shipwreck ↩︎