Wombat IDE is moving to GitHub

Since the rest of my code is hosted on GitHub, I figured that I probably should move Wombat IDE there as well.

To that end, we’ve moved from Google Code: wombat-ide to GitHub: jpverkamp/wombat-ide.

The first part of the change was the source code and version control history. This actually went relatively straight forward. All I had to do was clone the code to a local machine, pull down all of the branches, replace the ‘origin’ repository, and push. Now, anyone can clone the new repository in much the same way as the old, just with the new URL:

git clone [email protected]:jpverkamp/wombat-ide.git

The harder part was moving the issues. There are ways to automatically convert issues, but in the five minutes I allowed, I couldn’t get them to run. Any more time than that and it would just be easier to manually convert them–which is what I ended up doing. The following open issues have been moved to GitHub (preserving as much of the comment history as I could/felt necessary):

And that should be it. I’ve changed the old Google Code repository so that it shouldn’t be trivial to submit issues or see the code there, but rather have links to the new content. If anyone has any issues with it, please let me know either in the comments here or by email: [email protected]