Wombat IDE - New semester / bug fixes

We’re about to start up the Fall semester, so it seems like a good time to be updating Wombat for the new semester. With that, a whole slew of bugs have been squashed:

Minor fixes:

  • Issue 211 - fixed an issue in bracket matching for the first bracket after a line comment block
  • Issue 220 - in find/replace, find starts at the cursor and wraps at the end of the document; replace automatically triggers find
  • Issue 221 - when navigating through history you can use the down arrow at the end to clear the REPL
  • Issue 222 - the CSV library is now correctly documented
  • Issue 226 - the correct document is run even after closing a document and not clicking another
  • Issue 230 - (define x) is now equivalent to (define x (void)) rather than a syntax error
  • Issue 231 - brackets in character literals and simple strings in the REPL no longer break execution (you can execute just #\\) now)
  • Issue 233 - Wombat is no longer case sensitive by default; you can manually re-enable it with (case-sensitive #f)
  • Issue 234 - Wombat should be called Wombat in the OSX ‘force quit’ dialog rather than Main
  • Issue 236 - fixed a conflict between Lambda/Greek mode and the history panel

Slightly bigger fixes:

Issue 22 - It’s been a long time coming (this was by far the oldest issue still open), but there’s now an Emacs mode for Wombat. It’s based on this project from the XNap Commons (licensed LGPL). If anyone else is looking for basic Emacs keybindings for a Java project, this is a great place to start. Theoretically, everything defined in that project should work in any file or the REPL when Emacs mode is enabled (check the options menu), although it still needs some testing. Let me know if anything doesn’t work.

Issue 229 - Essentially, this added a ‘Greek mode’ that acts like lambda mode, only for any Greek letter. This way you can do things like type sigma and get σ. As an added benefit, this takes advantage of Issue 233 (see above) to have upper and lower case Greek characters. So Sigma is Σ and sigma is σ.

That’s it for the time being; if you have any more bugs, feel free to submit an issue to the bug tracker or just email me directly.