Ludum Dare 26 - VTanks - Results

The voting period for Ludum Dare 26 has ended, which means that now we have some results! Before I post my own, take a moment to check out the overall leaders. Given that there were 2346 games submitted (1610 in the compo and 736 in the jam), there are bound to be some real gems in there.

And then here are my game’s (VTanks) ratings:

Place (of 736)PercentileCategoryAverage score (of 5)
#35252%Theme (Jam)3.07
#37449%Humor (Jam)1.71
#42343%Fun (Jam)2.44
#45838%Audio (Jam)1.39
#50232%Mood (Jam)1.96
#53228%Graphics (Jam)2.02
#54626%Innovation (Jam)1.68
#50931%Overall (Jam)2.42

Overall, I know that I can do better. But given that I only had about 6 hours to spend, I don’t think I did half bad. I’m a bit amused that I somehow managed to place better than about half the entries on humor… given that there was no humor to speak of in the game. I guess getting yourself buried is funny?

Even weirder is audio. I came in at 38% audio… and I didn’t have any. I’m pretty sure that the policy is just not to leave a score in a category if it doesn’t make sense, in which case I wouldn’t get a rating. So yeah… That’s strange.

All that being said, it was a lot of fun to participate in Ludum Dare for once. After that, it was just about as much fun to play some of the games. It’s amazing what some people put out in 24 hours. I’ll have to do this again!

(If you’d like to play my entry, you can do so here.)