Star Trek Into Darkness

A few years ago, I decided that I was doing myself a disservice as a self-identified geek1: of Star Trek, I’d only seen Voyager and a few of the movies. Of course I had to remedy that fact. ūüėĄ

Over the course of a summer, I watched it all2. 10 movies. 3 seasons of The Original Series; 7 seasons each of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager3; and finally the 4 seasons of Enterprise. Yet, I still don’t consider myself a Trekkie (or a Trekker).

I guess my entire point is that I do have at least a bit of a leg to stand on when talking about the new Star Trek movies. That being said, feel free to ignore me. ūüėĄ Everyone has their own opinion and I’ve certainly seen the entire spectrum when it comes to this movie…

Overall, I really liked it.

On the negative side, the pacing was pretty bad at times, with long slow stretches that just didn’t feel like they needed to be there4. There were a few scenes that just seemed so strange, particularly¬†¬†underwear scene5. Still, the action scenes were nicely “actiony” and the scenery looked amazing, both the shine of the ship and the destruction of the later acts.

As many people the internet over have said, there were more than a few¬†‘huh’¬†moments that really fought against my suspension of disbelief. Without getting too spoilery: Isn’t saving the natives in the first place a violation of the Prime Directive? Other than looking cool, why didn’t they just wait in space? Later on, why did they go to Kronos in the first place? And why did it only take them about 30 seconds to get back? And for that matter, where was the rest of Starfleet when they did get back? Does the doctor make a habit of randomly injecting things? And why his blood specifically, not his crew’s?¬†… Yeah. I’m done. It’s a good thing I don’t really think of myself as a Trekkie or a lot of that would drive me even more up the wall. ūüėĄ

You know what my biggest nit to pick with the movie was though? J.J. Abrams' marketing. Everyone who knew Trek knew¬†exactly who¬†¬†was playing no matter how hard they tried to deny it… The only people who wouldn’t know wouldn’t care. Sigh.

Like I said though, for a summer action flick, it was a rather enjoyable movie. Barring the aforementioned marketing, there were a few neat twists. There were more than a handful of callbacks to¬†The Wrath of Khan, which was nice at first, although it a bit old by the end6. The action was nice and the characters are actually starting to finally feel like a crew now.¬†,¬†, and¬†¬†all carried over strong performances from the first film. I can’t really get into¬†¬†as Kirk, but then again I never really liked the original Kirk either. But¬†really?¬†¬†carried the show. Sherlock¬†just jumped up rather a few places up my TV queue7.

Despite my earlier grumbling, I really did enjoy the movie. It’s not quite up to¬†Iron Man’s¬†standards and I still think¬†The Croods¬†was more fun, but I have no problem putting it into the #3 spot. If you have the time, I’d say it’s worth seeing.

  1. Is there any other kind? ↩︎

  2. Yes, in order ↩︎

  3. Still my favorite. Feel free to tell me how I’m wrong¬†right in the comments ↩︎

  4. Although it was a later showing than I generally go, so that might have played a role ↩︎

  5. Which even¬†Damon Lindelof has said was “gratuitous” ↩︎

  6. The inverted Kirk/Spock yell was particularly weird… ↩︎

  7. Also, did you know he was in¬†The Hobbit¬†as the¬†Necromancer? The more you know! ↩︎