Spring NaNoWriMo – So close...

During the month of March, I wrote 46,625 towards my newest novel. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m writing this one by hand, so it’s a bit slower going than typing, albeit with less distractions. So falling less than 10% shy of the (admittedly pretty arbitrary) NaNoWriMo target isn’t too bad. And I did hit my own goal of six hand written pages per day (I got 6.01). So none too shabby.

Where do we go from here?

Well, I just hit the first major climax of the story. Things have gotten far more interesting for the main characters as they find themselves in a bit of an ethical conundrum between the status quo and the life of a young boy. The main character is coming to terms with her mysterious powers and they’ve finally managed to get a few answers out of the strange, young Runebound nobleman.

If any of that sounds interesting, drop me a line. I’d love to have more beta readers. As of yet, I haven’t caught up transcribing my notebook, but I’m going to have to do it eventually. 😄

Speaking of notebooks, I need a new one. When I decided to write by hand this month, I didn’t actually have a notebook. Cue a quick midnight trip to the store, and I’m off. It’s only 108 pages (front and back; it’s really cool to flip through now that it’s almost full), so now I’m down to 4 days worth of pages. At the moment, I’m torn between getting another identical notebook and using one of the dozens I already have. I may have to make a decision by default though–I looked today and neither Amazon nor any local store seems to carry an exact match. So it goes.

Onward and upward to another month!

I’ve registered on Camp NaNoWriMo if you’d like to follow my progress: The City (working title)

Theoretically, I’ll update that every day or two. I’m going to stick with 6 pages / 1,500 words per day, although the page count may change if I switch to another notebook.