Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures is everything that Twilight wishes it could have been.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s still very much within the trappings of the genre, with the same sort of cheesy teenage romance. But where Twilight just came off as awkward and weird (A hundred year age difference? How is that ever not creepy?), Beautiful Creatures actually felt sincere.

According to the authors (interview on io9: The Beautiful Creatures authors give us the rules for creating a believable fantasy), Beautiful Creatures came as a result of a dare from one of the author’s teenage daughter and her friends. They specifically asked for something with “no vampires, a boy telling the story not a girl, why can’t the girl do something besides fall in love?” It seems like a lot of good can come from dares (see the Codex Alera for another example).

Overall, the movie had a few awkward moments. For example, I want to know more about the difference between male and female Casters. Apparently men choose whether to be good or evil, but woman are ‘claimed’ on their 16th birthday. Sure, it’s supposed to be because of their ‘inner nature’, but it felt rushed and strange in the movie. Perhaps it’s better explained in the books. Then there was occasional cringe worthy teenagers-in-love dialog and a fair bit more weight given to the ‘chosen one’ aspect that I generally  care for.

Also, what in the world kind of name is Macon?

Still, the acting was solid enough, the action scenes were actually pretty cool, and the world seemed decently well thought out. I’m actually tempted to pick up the books. Perhaps they flesh out those details that couldn’t make it into a two hour movie.

Overall, it falls into the same category as Hansel & Gretel. I actually really enjoyed it, but there just there aren’t that many spots available as of yet. I still think Django Unchained was better as an action movie and for making people think and Parental Guidance was more solidly amusing. So for now, Beautiful Creatures takes third place. There are far worse ways to spend a few dollars / hours.

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