Review: Parental Guidance

Sometimes you just need to unwind and watch something on the sillier side of life. Parental Guidance is exactly that sort of movie.

It follows a formula we’ve all seen in the movies (and in real life for that matter)–two generations with radically different and conflicting styles of parenting–but it does it surprisingly well. I actually laughed out loud at a few points which isn’t terribly common for me. There are more than a few cringe worthy moments in the movie, along with a few moments that push well past a reasonable suspension of disbelief. Overall though, it’s a nicely done look at how everyone has their own style of parenting–virtually all of which can work in some cases and go entirely sideways in others.

Really, I only have one gripe with the movie–the father. I’ve already forgotten his name, which only makes sense because he’s so very forgettable. With such a cast of memorable quirks and personalities, it just feels strange that he’s so very forgettable. There’s really nothing to him, you could slot in just about any other father figure from this sort of movie and it would work just as well. So it goes, I guess.

On a last side note: I find it highly amusing that this movie is rated PG. I wonder if that’s just how it worked out or if they specifically tried to get that rating?

In any case, it’s a funny enough movie, but I still have to put it belong Django Unchained. But if you just want a quick, fun pick-me-up, go for it.