Confession - Day 74

163 - al-Eizariya


…and licked my face.

It was such a surprising yet so absolutely doggy thing to do that I barked out a laugh; I just couldn’t help it.

Of course, a moment later, I remembered that this particular dog was completely capable of taking the form of a rather severe woman that could slice and dice me at a moment’s notice.

That took a bit of the humor out of the situation.

But there she sat, larger than life than one would ever have though possible, yet sitting there on her haunches like any other well trained exemplar of the canine variety.

“Um…” I said. “Good dog?”

I heard someone snickering behind my back. I turned, but I couldn’t have been sure exactly who it was. Both of the angels had all too serious faces and Father Antonio was busy looking anywhere but at me. It could have been any one of them.

“Guys?” I asked, “What do I do now?”

Michael allowed a small smile–had it been him? “I think you found yourself a pet.”

“But…” I sputtered. I turned back to Cerberus. I swear she was grinning at me. “She’s human.”

“Not if you don’t want her to me,” Michael said. “I’m sure Father Antonio will explain the details to you if you’d wish.”

He nodded, although honestly he still looked more than a little shell shocked.

“I don’t think you have much choice in the matter,” Gabriel chimed in.

“There’s always a choice,” Michael countered. But his tone was softer than it had been when they’d been arguing in Rome.

What had happened between the two of them?

“In any case, it appears that our work here is done.” He paused for a moment, waiting on a nod from Gabriel.

The two of them turned to go, but I put a hand on his arm. “Um, how am I supposed to get back home?”

Particularly with such a large dog in tow. There were quarantine period and that sort of thing

They half turned, still walking. Michael reached into a pocket and pulled out an envelope I could have sworn hadn’t been there a few moments before. He flicked it through the air; I just barely caught it.

“Your flight leaves tomorrow evening. I figured that the three of you might have some things to discuss.”

I looked at Amira and Father Antonio. He was right of course. Despite the insane danger of the last few weeks, I wanted to know everything. I wanted to be a part of their world.

When I looked back, the angels were gone.