Wombat IDE - It's Alive! (bug fixes)

It’s alive!

I haven’t worked on Wombat in a while, but with the new semester quickly approaching, I figured that it would be a good time to take out a few of the outstanding bugs on the issue tracker. Granted, there’s still a fair few, but it’s a start.

Specifically, the following bugs have been closed:

  • Issue 170 - Command history will be saved and loaded across separate runs
  • Issue 186 - Documents with the same name and different folders will now be saved correctly in recent documents
  • Issue 190 - The extra space before the first line of output for any command has been removed
  • Issue 195 - Brackets (originating) in comments will no longer be matched
  • Issue 201 - Added a C211 CSV library (API)
  • connect dialog
  • Issue 209 - Empty commands in the REPL will no longer cause infinite loops
  • Issue 214 - Hiding and revealing a tree will no longer cease to redraw
  • Issue 215 - Java errors no longer leak through on images with a 0 dimension

Hopefully I’ll have some time to hammer out a few of the bigger issues in the near future. It’s nice to be back to coding again.

With the new year, I’ll also be bumping the version number to 3.x, which makes the new build 3.6.24. If you’d like to download the newest version of Wombat, you can grab it here.

In particular, I’m hoping to actually tackle a few of these:

  • Issue 142 - Figure out how to configure the campus network to allow shared documents
  • Issue 204 - Add a mirror site for updates/downloads in case tank goes offline
  • Issue 210 - Deal with occasional remaining zombie Petite processes
  • Issue 213 - Update the c211 libraries to use define-record-type

We’ll see how that goes.

If you’re a Wombat user and have any issues in particular you’d like me to prioritize, feel free to drop me a comment below or submit an issue on the issue tracker.