Review: Pizza omelette

Want to make a pizza but don’t have a crust?


Pizza omelette.

Basically, take an onion, some pepperoni, mushrooms, pizza sauce, and some pizza seasoning (or whatever other toppings you prefer) and cook them up first. I sauteed mine. Set them aside for later.

Next, crack some number of eggs (I used six) into a skillet and cook them just as you would an omelette. Once the bottom is nicely cooked, flip it over.

Once it’s flipped, add the toppings and then a fine layer of cheese. Let it cook a bit longer, slide it onto a plate, cook and serve.

It turns out that it actually tastes quite a lot like pizza. Who would have thought, right? The egg is noticeable, but it doesn’t really detract from the pizza-ness of it.

And one real advantage for anyone watching their weight is that this only has about 200 calories per piece (per quarter). Compare that to two or three times as much for a pizza this size and you can see why this is tasty.

One thing I do want to try is actually making pizza crust this way (in a skillet). I think that would be fun. But that’s a post for another day.