Review: Tortilla espanola

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any cooking, so I figured why not have something new. This time, we decided to make a tortilla–and not the Mexican sort (although that would be interesting to try some time), but rather the Spanish sort. Instead of a floury disk of tastiness, we have potatoes and eggs (also of tastiness).

The basic idea is actually quite a lot like the breakfast omelettes / farmer’s breakfasts that I’ve made many times before. You combine eggs and various other ingredients in a skillet, all mixed together, and then you cook it into a single delicious mass. There are a few slight difference in ingredients and preparation, but it’s definitely a close cousin.

First, you need to cook up a bunch of potatoes:

I think we used 3 or 4 large potatoes, which turned out to be a good amount. I used my nice cast iron skillet which I’ve never actually used to cook potatoes before and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back. Taking less time and with tastier results, the cast iron easily beats out the teflon coated pans I usually use. Better yet, since I make sure to keep it well oiled and didn’t let the potatoes sit too long, it was just as easy to clean off.

After that, eggs:

I don’t even know how many eggs we used, but it was a goodly number. Most of a carton at least. Mix the potatoes and eggs up really well. This is one of the differences with the way I usually make an oven omelette as in that case, I usually just crack the eggs into the rest of the ingredients in the skillet. I think this mixes much more nicely, so we’ll have to adopt it in the future.

After that, put it all back in the skillet and let it cook a while longer. Here’s it just in, still rather unfortunately slimy:

And here we have it after cooking for a little while; you can see the eggs are already setting nicely:

Now here’s the one point where we didn’t quite follow the traditional tortilla recipe. What you’re supposed to do is flip the whole thing over halfway through. I’ve tried to flip the oven omlettes before and it just doesn’t go well. So instead, we put it in the oven set to broil for a little while. That way it will cook from the top down while the heat that the cast iron is still holding finishes cooking the bottom.

Turns out, that’s it. Here’s the final result:

Is it just me or does that really look like a pie. 😄

In any case, it was pretty tasty. I may have put salsa on my second piece which definitely isn’t the traditional Spanish style (Tomatoes are actually from the New World, think of that when you eat a lot of traditional foods. Like Pizza. Or ketchup.), but I still recommend it.