Review: Total Recall

Despite coming out only a few years after I was born, I only managed to actually see the original Total Recall film in the last few months. So I didn’t have nearly the nostalgic baggage that a lot of people had coming into it.

On top of that, the science was pretty much a turn-off-your-brain sort of moment. There was a world somehow ruined except for Great Britian and Australia (which otherwise seem relatively unscathed). There was a tunnel through the Earth when the deepest we’ve managed to drill to date is a bare fraction of the distance even through the crust. Not to mention that even if we could drill it, how in the world could we resist the pressure and heat? Nothing we’ve got comes close, not at that scale.

Still, if you can get past that point it was fun. There was a lot of shiny sci-fi goodness without going too over the top and a nice dystopian feel to the world. I thought Colin Farrell did a great job as Quaid and Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel were a nice contrast to one another.

All together, it comes in at a solid number 6 for the year. Sometime down the road if I ever feel like watching a Total Recall film, I can almost guarantee that it will be this one rather than the other.