Review: Portobello pizzas!

Love pizza but concerned with the number of calories in the standard pizza crust? Why not make portobello pizzas! it’s just like a pizza except you use a mushroom instead of the crust. (Disclaimer: If you don’t like mushrooms in the first place, this probably isn’t the best idea for you…)

You’ll need:

  • portobello mushrooms
  • pizza sauce
  • cheese
  • other pizza toppings

(Look at the AllRecipes post for more details)

The first thing we did was clean out the mushrooms’ gills (based on comments on the aforementioned recipe). This will help keep them from being quite so juicy when all is said and done.

Next, bake the just mushrooms for a few minutes. This also helps dry them out a bit.

After that, it’s prep time. Here’s some tomatoes just because I love tomatoes.

Just in cause our earlier de-juicing methods didn’t quite work, we made sure to use a container with edges.

We have a garden to grow fresh herbs and spices. Of course we’re going to put it on the pizzas! Basil in this case.

They’re done now… I’m hungry again just looking at the pictures.

I think the most amusing part of the whole experience was the steps poking up through the cheese and other toppings…


Despite our best efforts, they may still have ended up a little juicy. So it goes.

Something we’ll definitely have to do again!