Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

Series: Spider-Man: #4

Series: The Amazing Spider-Man: #1

Why do we have another Spider-Man movie? Granted, I liked it more than any of the previous three, but it just feels too soon. Of course people are going to compare it to the previous movies.

Hmm, there were a few parts I didn’t like. I didn’t really like how it took so long to get to the actually spidery-bits. The crane scene came off as impossible rather than inspiring. The science was pretty bad at times and there were some plot holes that just felt weird (why in the world didn’t Peter give the lizard serum to

The good bits? The dialog was good, the action scenes were good, the special effects were good. Andrew Garfield makes a better Spider-Man than Tobey Maguire. That’s something at least.

Still, it felt like a movie we’ve seen all too many times before. Apparently Sony had to release the film or they would lose the rights back to Marvel and it shows. So it goes I guess. It does lead to the strange situation of the Avengers defending New York with Spider-Man nowhere to be seen, but I guess that’s licensing.

Good enough for $5, but it still falls to the bottom half. So it goes.