Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Oof. I guess it was pretty. That’s something. There were some really technically impressive scenes, like the stag and the dwarves and the glittery mirror warrior things.

I’m not sure exactly what they were getting at with Kristen Stewart. She had a woman warrier sort of vibe going on but no real back story for where anything comes from or what it goes to. She can do something all fae-like, but that doesn’t go anywhere. She gets one lesson on stabbing and then can suddenly wade into battle. Just… strange.

And what in the world was with that speech… Like I said. Oof.

The dwarves were interesting. I didn’t actually realize until after I got home the technical magic they’re worded to mix and match heads and bodies. I just hadn’t thought about it, it was that well done. That being said, why didn’t they just cast the actors directly? Why mix and match?

Also the huntsman. It really felt like cashing in on The Avengers. So it goes, I guess. But after spending the beginging of the movie going on about his dead wife, you’d think that he wouldn’t just forget about it halfway through, just in time to kiss Snow White awake.

Oh, and the Duke’s son. I’d forgotten about him. Was he important?

Overall, I’ll rate it about the other Snow White film this year, so I guess that’s something. Still, third from the bottom.