Men in Black 3

I really liked the first two Men in Black movies. They’re a the sort of fun that I end up re-watching around once a year as a sort of guilty pleasure. I was a little surprised that they decided to make a third one, but I think it worked out well enough.

Tommy Lee Jones looks tired, but that’s almost completely offset by Josh Bronlin’s excellent performance as a younger K throughout the movie. The action was good, the alien effects were amusing, and the story mostly stayed out of the wya. There are a few rough points if you think about it hard enough, but that’s to be expected in this sort of film. Short solution: don’t think about it that much. 😄

So far as action movies go, it beats out Lockout readily enough, but it doesn’t come near The Avengers or The Cabin in the Woods. Still, third is none too shabby.