Dark Shadows

Mostly, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. I’ll go see just about anything involving either of them, even more quickly if it’s both. I went into the film not knowing much about the half-century old soap opera on which it was based, which I think hurt it in the end. There were a number of plot points that felt a bit rushed and didn’t need to be there (like the werewolf-daughter bit).

It had a nice visual style at least and I liked Depp’s style (as I almost always do). It was fun to see him playing a vampire out of time, brought back into the crazy world of the 1970s. (As a side note: I’d be interested to see a similar story of an immortal that awakens in a future time rather than the present. It’d Make a nice merger of science fiction and dark fantasy.)

In any case, I’ll put this fairly high up. It was a good enough way to spend the two hours / $5, even if I’ll likely never watch it again. I’d even put it up above John Carter, although I think it just being more recent in my mind might have something to do with that.