Wombat IDE - Another bug fix / feature post

Additional features:

  • Since both the image and turtle libraries need the same color code, I’ve factored that out into it’s own module: [(c211 color)](http://www.cs.indiana.edu/cgi-pub/c211/wombat/docs/c211-color.htm "C211 Color API")
  • Issue 193: Opening a file on top of an empty replaces that document.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed documentation issues with image->list, list->image,
  • Issue 187: Fixed the direction parameter to hatch to take degrees rather than radians to match the rest of the library.
  • Made links in the about dialog clickable.
  • Issue 186: Fixed the recent document manager on documents with the same name.

Also, we now have a launcher image:

(Source, License)

Finally, there’s been one change to the Image API:

  • The generating function to make-image now takes only two arguments, row and column. The rows and columns arguments have been dropped. The change is reflected in the online API.