Wombat IDE - Animated turtles

Sometimes I keep going beyond the point where I probably should. In this case, I want to add an animation feature to the turtle graphics library so I just went ahead and wrote one.

These new functions have been added to the turtle API:

  • (live-display b) - b should be #t or #f to enable or disable the live display, default is #f
  • (live-delay n) - set the timer between frames, default is 0.1 seconds
  • (live-display) - is live display enabled?
  • (live-delay) - get the current delay

Here’s an example of the same star from the previous post:

Side note: There’s not actually a way to save an image like this directly. I added in code to write out each turtle using (write-image (turtle->image t)) for each frame and then combined them using the the GIMP. Hopefully I can actually add that directly to the program before too long.

Edit: The most updated Turtle API can be found here.