Wombat IDE - A pile of features and bugs

Another one of those posts. 😄

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a problem with the interop libraries reporting they were finished before they actually were. Now when reading a few hundred images, the call will block until they are actually read rather than just pretending to read them as it was.
  • Issue 158: Prevent backups of backup files (no double ~). Basically, if a person directly edits a backup file, they’re on their own.
  • Issue 163: Better image scaling for the draw-image dialog.
  • Fixed a few minor copy/paste errors in the matrix library.
  • The dialog produced by draw-tree now has the same background color as that produced by draw-image or draw-matrix.


  • Issue 160: The relative paths for read-image and write-image now respect the path set by the current-directory function rather than the relative path set by Java.
  • Issue 162: Added a menu option to load files directly into the REPL without opening them. This should be useful for things like large datafiles (still written in Scheme though).
  • Added initial version of a turtle graphics library. I’ll talk about this more when I finish it.

The Wombat launcher will automatically download the newest version for you. If you don’t have the launcher, you can get it here.