Wombat IDE - C211 Matrix Library

For the final exam, I’ve added a matrix API. The students are supposed to have implemented this, but we know that haven’t, so this way they can either use their version or mine.

Matrix API (Edit: The most up to date Matrix API can be found here):

  • (make-matrix i j) - create a new matrix with i rows and j columns
  • (matrix-rows m) - determine the number of rows in a matrix
  • (matrix-cols m) - determine the number of columns in a matrix
  • (matrix-ref m i j) - get the value at row i and column j of a matrix m
  • (matrix-set! m i j v) - set the value stored in the matrix at row i and column j of matrix m to a new value v
  • (matrix-generator i j proc) - generate an i x j matrix by calling the function proc of the form (i j -> value) at each row i and column j in the matrix

It’s very similar to the image API and that’s by design. It should be easy enough to convert from one to the other if need be.

1.346.23 is the newest version (and has the matrix API included).