Wombat IDE - A pile of minor changes

I’ve been putting off a new release for a while while I collect a number of minor bug fixes and enhancements, but I think it’s about time to actually release them. 1.327.1 is the new build.

A few bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug on some *nix machines where the launcher wouldn’t find the correct directory (the directory is now derived from the running JAR’s location)
  • Fixed a type typo in image-ref
  • Added a corrected error message for negative array indexes (for example, trying to make an image with a negative size)
  • Added a bunch of mapped types to error messages (numbers, voids, strings, etc)

And a few new features:

  • Added a link to the launcher to the index page
  • Moved all of the IDE related files into their own directory in preparation to split development (the launcher is a second project at the moment)
  • #void will print when nested in another structure (list (void)), but not directly
  • Added the function atom?