Wombat IDE - Formatting issues

A minor update related to Issue 42 on the Issue Tracker.

Essentially, I want to make everything output as they should in Scheme as opposed to how they do in Kawa/Java. For each case below, the first option is what we see now and the second is what we should see.

§ "cat"

§ #\a

§ #t

§ #(a b c)
[a, b, c]
#(a b c)

§ (vector "a" "b" "c")
[a, b, c]
#("a" "b" "c")

§ (make-vector 3)
[#!undefined, #!undefined, #!undefined]
#(0 0 0)

All but the last one were just a matter of writing a custom (recursive) formatter for the output. The last one requires actually redefining make-vector to default to filling with 0 unless a second parameter is provided, but that shouldn’t be difficult.

The new build is r158, available here.