Review: Chili a la wok

One of my favorite dishes to make is a sort of chili. Since I don’t really have a strict recipe, it tends to vary wildly, but it’s always tasty and usually can feed me for a solid week.

As a rough outline, my “chili” usually contains:

  • some sort of meat (I’ve used ground beef, ground turkey, and chicken breast before)
  • vegetables (green peppers and onions at they very least)
  • starches (pasta, rice, and/or potatoes; I usually have at least two of these)
  • beans
  • tomatoes (canned, fresh, or tomato sauce; sometimes more than one)

Making it is even easier. Brown the meat while cooking the pasta/rice on the side, mix the onions with the meat, mix in the rest of non-liquids / non-starches, and then finally dump everything in a larger container (like my awesome cast iron wok) to simmer for a while.

It’s enough to fill up two of the large Tupperware containers that I have, each of which holds 6-8 bowls worth–like I said, a week easy. And it’s tasty enough that I can usually make the entire week without getting sick of it. 😄