Review: (corn)breaded everything!

Breaded things are tasty, but unfortunately I don’t have any breading. But what I do have is boxes of cornbread. Hmm. Wonder if that will work?

Turns out–it works amazingly well.

Last weekend, we made corn-breaded chicken:

Then we made more corn-breaded chicken and added corn-breaded onion strings to go with it:

All together amazing.

Finally today I tried corn-breaded eggplant. A little stranger, but still surprisingly tasty.

Basically, all you have to do is get a bunch of the cornbread in a bowl and make another bowl with a mixture of eggs with just a touch of milk. Dunk whatever you want to bread in the egg mixture first, then the cornbreading. The eggs will help it stick and help with that lovely fried looking color (and taste).