AIGS 2009 Update

Ok, so the new server is up.  I can almost guarantee that there are some problems (so goes the life of a CS), so go ahead and hammer away at it and see what you can do.

One major thing, the game string format has changed:** **

  • Players are represented by lower case letters from ‘a’ to ‘j’
  • Players carrying flags are represented by upper case letters from ‘A’ to ‘J’
  • Bases are represented by numbers ‘0’ to ‘9’
  • Players will immediately score if no bases are present but must return a flag to a base if one is present
  • Players must step on flags to pick them up, but only must be adjacent to a base to drop it off
  • Players can only carry one flag

The new CTFScenario file contains 8 new scenarios involving bases, most with multiple players and/or flags.  The final few also have multiple bases and are rather complicated.