AudioVision Update

Since deciding that I cannot use MATLAB because of the additional addons necessary to use webcams, I have been deciding between C# and Python as the next language to try. I’ve settled on Python for the time being, using VideoCapture to connect to the webcams and Numpy to process the data. It turns out that Python + VideoCapture + Numpy is actually rather similar in functionality and syntax to MATLAB with its image processing library.

So far, I’ve completed the code that would be necessary to connect to two webcams and produce a depth map from the collected data. I’ve tested the depth algorithm on a number of still images from stereo vision test sets and it appears to be working correctly. In addition, I have successfully connected to a single webcam using the VideoCapture library; however, I still cannot interface with two webcams at the same time. I believe this is an issue with the webcam drivers that I am using (both webcams are the same model) and I hope to resolve this issue soon.