AIGS 2008 Update

This version of the AI Game Server includes several minor updates to documentation (mostly to reflect the changes outlined below in the server) and a few changes (including one major change) to the server.

First, the server has been changed to send the final move along with GameOver moves, primarily for bookkeeping on the part of the clients.

Second, a game timer has been implemented to prevent either player from calculating the entire game and spending entirely too long doing so. For Hex, the game time is currently hard coded to allow the players each a total of 8 minutes to use throughout the game.

Next, the swap rule has been corrected to allow the players to actually switch places. The earlier version merely gave the position to the second player, this version turns the second player into the first.

Finally, the previously mentioned test clients have been updated to include a variable delay. This will hopefully simulate a stronger AI opponent thinking about its next move. Added in this version:

  • Add move to GameOver messages.
  • Added game timers.
  • Added a maximum time for each player (8 minutes) to Hex.
  • Added a Time message to every game to return your time counter (in milliseconds).
  • Corrected swap rule, players actually exchange places now.
  • Updated Hex test clients to use a variable delay (more like an AI player).


  • AIGS 2008 Documentation version 0.03
  • AIGS 2008 version 0.03

Edit: I cannot find the 2008 version of the server on moving to my new webhost. I hope to find them and upload them at some point in the future.