Saga, Vol. 4

First one not on comiXology unlimited. Worth it.

Man this one was crazy. Everything is changed, a pile of major and minor characters that we’d been getting to know are dead, the parents are separated (minor spoiler, but it really comes down to the how that’s the big part; I didn’t see that coming).


Saga, Vol. 3

They just keep getting better! Against the backdrop of a universe gone mad with all manner of weird beings trying to kill them… you have people that feel so real, with all the ‘real’ problems that come with it:

Dealing with the MIL:


Saga, Vol. 2

The story continues! We have the core family and the out inlaws on the run in a wooden rocketship, trying to lose all manner of bounty hunters and the war between their species behind. Oh, this is a story.



Saga, Vol. 1

I’ve been meaning to read these for a while, they have some of the best reviews among graphic novels ever, they have a fantastic premise (a fantasy world IN SPACE), and they’re on comiXology Unlimited. What better time than the present?

Overall: they live up to expectations. There’s a lot more ‘human’ to the story than I expected, revolving around the costs of war and the first stages of bringing a new baby into the world. I mean, heck. It starts with childbirth:


Dog Men

There are two wolves within every man… One represents our greatest capacities–compassion, courage, reason. The other embodies our base emotions –pride, anger, hatred. At every moment of every day, they battle for control of us. But it is we who determine which one win.


Just depends on which one you feed…


Down Town

It’s more Dresden at least!

It wasn’t great, but we get a lot more of Molly in her apprentice level, which I feel was somewhat skipped over in the novels.


Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 10

The worldbuilding continues to expand. We’re getting some really interesting thoughts on what exactly the difference is between bodies and souls… and what it means to separate them. Also more on how homunculi work and how to finally kill them.

Oy these are crazy.


Poseidon's Arrow

Well. I listened to it. It had something to do with a big conspiracy to control rare earth metals and a lost submarine. … That’s really about all that stuck in my head.

It’s got a lot of solid crazy action: in particular there’s a battle in the Panama Canal, which is pretty awesome. But I’m really getting burnt out on this series. But I’m so close to finishing it… I think I’ll still go for it, but I’m looking forward to it less than I had.

War Cry

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: War Cry The second new Dresden comic!

It almost feels like a bottle episode in that it’s very limited in scope, but the action and explosions certainly would have cost a fair penny. There’s something underhanded going on, an attack by hundreds of red court vampires, and Dresden coming into his role as a mentor warden. It’s pretty good.