We figured that since we live so close to Yosemite now (less than four hours) it would be a shame not to spend some time there. It’s certainly different–no cell service unless you’re in the heart of the park itself–but well worth it. So beautiful.

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Gorellian sorting

It’s been a while, so I figured I should get in a quick coding post. From /r/dailyprogrammer, we have this challenge:

The Gorellians, at the far end of our galaxy, have discovered various samples of English text from our electronic transmissions, but they did not find the order of our alphabet. Being a very organized and orderly species, they want to have a way of ordering words, even in the strange symbols of English. Hence they must determine their own order.

For instance, if they agree on the alphabetical order:

Then the following words would be in sorted order based on the above alphabet order:

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Santa Cruz

My parents are visiting for the week, so we took a trip down to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and neighboring Seabright State Beach. This time though, I took some pictures!

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It feels good to be out and about taking pictures again. Aurora and I went down to the beach at Pacifica. We had once before, but this time we walked up the big hill / small mountain at the north end of the beach. Such a view!

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Historical Photosets: 2005

And here is the second half of my old photots, from 2005. I know that there should be more after these–I didn’t just stop taking pictures for years. Yet so far I haven’t found them. So it goes.

East Coast Exploration

From a family vacation to the East Cost: Baltimore, New York City, and Washington DC.

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Historical Photosets: 2004

For rather too long I’ve been sitting on several years of old pictures I took, back before I first got my DSLR. Well, there’s no time like the present!

Here is the first set, from 2004.


One of the oldest sets I have–Hannah and I visited the fire tower at the Hoosier National Forest.

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Caesar cipher

Here’s a 5 minute1 coding challenge from Programming Praxis:

A caeser cipher, named after Julius Caesar, who either invented the cipher or was an early user of it, is a simple substitution cipher in which letters are substituted at a fixed distance along the alphabet, which cycles; children’s magic decoder rings implement a caesar cipher. Non-alphabetic characters are passed unchanged. For instance, the plaintext PROGRAMMINGPRAXIS is rendered as the ciphertext SURJUDPPLQJSUDALV with a shift of 3 positions.

– Source: Wikipedia, public domain

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So far this week we’ve had a pair of related posts at the DailyProgrammer subreddit1:

Basically, if you’re given a string with vowels, take them out. If you’re given one without vowels, put them back in. One of the two is certainly easier than the other2. :)

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  1. Also, it’s a great excuse for a crazy title []
  2. Exercise for the reader: which is which :) []